Bomber Wolf

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Bomber Wolf

Bomber Wolf.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Panic Bomber, Pocket Bomberman
Affiliation(s): Midnight Bombers

Bomber Wolf (ボンバーウルフ, bonbā urufu) is a character who debuted in Panic Bomber on the Virtual Boy. He is a cheerful were-Bomber who lives in the Symbol Ruins. In-game, he is described as a "funky guy"? ファンキーガイ, fankī gai.[1]

Panic Bomber


Japanese Translation


I'll make this an unforgettable night!


Bomber Wolf distributes items fairly evenly. He has a poor defensive tactics.[1]

Pocket Bomberman

Bomber Wolf in Pocket Bomberman.

Appearing as a large, floating head, Bomber Wolf is the boss of the Easy Level in the Jump Game. He is described as a "ridiculous" or "odd" werewolf.? おかしな, okashina He wanders left and right aimlessly, and has 2 HP.[2] Each time he is defeated, the door above him will open.[3] He appears four times in the Easy Level, and yields 1500 points for each time he is defeated.


The character of Bomber Wolf was modified in the U.S. localizations of both games he appeared in.

  • In the U.S. release of Panic Bomber, he is renamed Zach.[4] His dialogue is changed to "Tee Hee, I'll be slashing you up."
  • In the U.S. release of Pocket Bomberman, he is described as "cruel", and is said to have been created by Babylon.[3]


A Bomber Wolf menko.


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