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Hit Points: Quest: 7
MAX: 2
Speed: Normal
Debut: Bomberman Quest

Skullhead (スカルヘッド, sukaruheddo) is a skull enemy that first appeared in Bomberman Quest.[1]

Bomberman Quest

Skullhead appears in Boss Cavern 2-3 (Map 6-F) in the Beach Zone. It moves aimlessly in the center of a checkered field of pits. Occasionally, it will stop and face Bomberman, producing a bone on either side of its body. After about one second, both bones will fly directly toward Bomberman's current position in straight lines. Skullhead may execute this attack once or twice in a row before resuming its movement.

The recommended strategy is to equip both the Jump Shoes and the Flak Bomb. Bomberman can use the Jump Shoes to avoid both bones and pits, and place Flak Bombs on the middle platform to hit Skullhead without generating large explosions for him to have to dodge. Skullhead has 7 HP and yields the Armored Jacket upon defeat.


Questmug Skullhead.png I'm not going to lose to a little fellow like you!
Questmug Bomberman.png I've heard of people being nothing but skin and bones, but just bones?
Questmug Skullhead.png かたかた…そう…かんたんに…

…まけない…ぞー… かたかた

[Clattering]... So... easy... I won't lose... !... [Clattering]
Questmug Bomberman.png ほねだけで よれよれなのに


It's just worn-out bones, is it okay?!

Bomberman MAX

Skullhead (named Skull Head in the English localization) appears on Zaurus Star. It moves randomly at an ordinary pace, and can pass through Soft Blocks. It will target the player character when it gets close. Periodically, it transforms into two eyes. In this state, it is invulnerable to explosions. It has 2 HP.[2]


  • The kanji on Skullhead's forehead reads "骨", hone, meaning "bone".


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