Richter Bomber

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Richter Bomber

Richter Bomber.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Super Bomberman R Online
Character Type: Speed Type

Richter Bomber (リヒターボンバー, rihitā bonbā) is a playable character who appears in Super Bomberman R Online. He is only available to players who have purchased the Premium Pack.


A vampire-hunting Bomberman hailing from Planet Castlevania.

A member of the proud House of Belmont, when he heard that his true love had been kidnapped, he reached for the Belmont whip--a precious family heirloom--and a sack of bombs to rush out in search of her. This ardent, passionate man has a strong sense of justice and hates all that is twisted and evil in the world. He's been called the greatest vampire-hunter history has ever known.

~ Super Bomberman R Online Official Website[1]

Special Ability

Richter Bomber's special ability is the Vampire Killer Blood. By pressing the button, he will lash forward with his whip, grabbing onto any bomb or player up to 3 squares in front of him. If the player holds the button, he can hold onto the target and restrain it in place. By letting go, he will leap forward to the other side of the target, so long as there are no blocks in the way. This ability has a cooldown period of 3 seconds before it may be used again.? Prior to the release of season 2, his cooldown was 0.9 seconds; additionally, his ability originally took 3 seconds to complete before being reduced to 2 seconds.[2]

Prior to the release of season 2, Richter Bomber was capable of equipping the Power Glove, Bomb Punch, and Bomb Kick.


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