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15 selectable Bomberman Brothers in Super Bomberman 2.[1]

Red Bomber (赤ボン, akabon)🕪 is an alternate palette of Bomberman. He is the palette used for the third player in the Battle Game. He sometimes appears as a distinct character.

Red Bomber appears as the default character for player three in every Bomberman game that allows up to three players in the Battle Game and which utilizes character palettes.

Classic Bomberman

Bomberman (PCE)

Red Bomberman (レッド, red)[2] originally appears in Bomberman for the PC-Engine. He is one of fake Bombermen (偽ボンバーマン, nise bonbāman) who follows Black Bomberman, and is faced as a boss character in the final battle. Though he cannot place bombs, he has two HP, and can periodically enter a flame form, firing off one or two fireballs in random directions. In his flame form, he is invulnerable to attacks, and any bombs he or his fireballs touch are detonated.[3] He wanders randomly, but when White Bomberman lines up with him, he may decide to chase after him, increasing his speed for a time.

He also appears as a playable character for the first time.

Bomberman '93

Red Bomberman appears in the first phase of the final boss, riding a red bike alongside the other three fake Bombermen. He has two HP.[3] He wanders randomly, but may speed up in a straight line if Bomberman crosses his path. He can also randomly place land mines (地雷, jirai) on the field. If Bomberman touches a mine, it will instantly explode with 1 firepower. Mines can be safely removed with explosions.

Irem Continuity

In the arcade titles Bomberman and Bomberman World, developed by Irem, Red Bomberman is the second member of the Bomberman brothers. He is a competitor in the robot fighting competitions held in the year 2091, but whenever King Bomber goes rogue, he joins his brothers to stop his machinations. He is controlled by player two in both games.



In the 4-koma manga drawn by Musashi Noatsushi, Red Bomber is depicted as a female Bomberman.

Super Bomberman 4

In Super Bomberman 4, Red Bomber acts as an Assistance Bomber. He is found trapped within a cage in Area 1-2 of the Primeval Era.

B-Daman Bakugaiden

Akabon is a main character in the B-Daman Bakugaiden anime series. Please see the main article on Akabon for details.


Bomberman: Bakufuu Sentai Bombermen

Red Bomber (レッドボンバー, reddo bonbā) is part of a team of five Bombermen. Stripped of his power and transformed into a voxel Bomberman, he must fight back against the evil Waruwaru-dan, return to his original form, and destroy the enemy once and for all. In the Arrange Mode, his special skill is the Soft Block Punch (sends a soft block sliding forward until it hits an obstacle), and his special bomb is the Red Bomb, which calls down missiles, resulting in a 5x5 tile "sea of fire". He is 183cm tall and weighs 74kg.[4]

Bomberman Land


In Bomberman Land 2 and Bomberman Kart, Red Bomber (赤ボン, akabon) is a cute and friendly baby.[5] In Bomberman Kart, he is a strong contender who can drive a kart with great dexterity and speed.[6]

Super Bomberman R


SBR Red.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Bomberman The Medal
Super Bomberman R Online
Voice Actor: EN: Jeff Manning
JP: Yūma Uchida
Character Type: Bomber Type

In Super Bomberman R, Red (赤ボン, akabon)[7] is a member of the Bomberman Brothers, one of eight protagonists.


The fifth eldest of the eight Bomberman Bros.

Red's a hot-blooded, hot-headed, hero-wannabe. He looks up to White--in his own way--and like his elder brother believes strongly in the pursuit of justice. The problem is, his first instinct is always to solve every situation with a big bomb blast...

~ Super Bomberman R Official Website[8]
The third youngest brother of the 8 Bomberman Bros. This guy is a real hothead, always bombin' first and askin' questions later. This hot-blooded Bomberman has a deep respect for his older brother, White, and always fights for truth and justice. The only problem is that Red's version of truth and justice may differ a teeny, tiny bit from that of his big bro. The major difference being that Red usually feels the best answer to any moral quandry is a healthy dose of explosives. Simply unable to sit still, he'll blow himself up if he rushes headlong into an enemy, so watch out!
- Super Bomberman R Online in-game text

Red is the only member of the Bomberman Brothers who is already training in the beginning of the game, and who actively wants to join White in his mission to stop Buggler. On Planet Technopolis, he charges recklessly ahead, blowing through the enemy's mazes and traps and making his own entrance through a wall. He angers Magnet Bomber by calling him "little", goading him into a battle. Magnet Bomber refuses to back down, even after his defeat, and Red remains willing to fight. However, when Magnet Bomber punches an intervening Aqua, Red becomes frightened of her potential rage, asking Magnet Bomber to apologize. She punches both him and his foe high into the air.

On Planet Scrapheap, he is prepared to engage in a "boss fight" with Plasma Bomber before the first stage even begins. Later, when Buggler introduces himself, Red similarly issues him a pre-emptive challenge.

In the credits sequence, Red is seen getting worked up while playing a video game with Magnet Bomber.

After the sibling stop the Ballom riot and retrieve their pet, Ballom-chan, Red quarrels with Black over which of them has ownership over the creature.

When Dracula Bomber invades the Bomberman Brothers' home, Red does not hesitate to attack him with a bomb. The bomb has no effect, though, and he is quickly taken out by Anubis Bomber. After seeing White use the Vampire Killer against Dracula Bomber, he fights with his siblings to get a chance to try it out too.


A promotional image shared on @officialbomberman on Facebook on February 14, 2017.

In Super Bomberman R, Red has a set of default stats for Grand Prix Mode, but he can also be equipped with the memory cartridge of any other playable character, which will alter his stats to the stats of the selected character.

In Super Bomberman R Online, Red's maximum bomb count was originally 4. It was increased to 6 with the release of season 2.[9]

Shiny Red

In the Shiny Edition of the PS4, Steam, and Xbox One versions of Super Bomberman R, available only via preorder, an alternate skin of this character, known as Shiny Red (キラキラ赤ボン, kirakira akabon? "Kirakira" is an onomatopoeia for glittering) is available. Once the included promotion code has been redeemed, he will be available at no Gem cost. He is functionally identical to the standard Red.



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