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Professor Buggler.png

Gender: Male
First Appearance: Bomberman '94
Affiliation(s): Five Dastardly Bombers
Bomber Shitennou
Devil Bomber
Atomic Bomber

Buggler (バグラー, bagurā ) is a primary antagonist in the Bomberman series.


Render from Bomberman World, reused in Bomberman Portable.

The literal name "bagurā" is derived from the Japanese バグ (bagu), meaning "computer bug". In official Japanese media and merchandise, when the name appears in English, it is consistently rendered as "Bugler". However, in English, bugler is an existing word with a different meaning and pronunciation; thus, when the name is localized, a second "g" is often added to emphasize the proper pronunciation and meaning. The name appears as both "Bugler" and "Buglar" in the PAL localization of Super Bomberman 3, while the name "Buggler" is seen in the PAL localizations of Bomberman World and Bomberman Portable, and is spelled thusly in the general English localization of Super Bomberman R.[1][2][3]

A list of alternate localizations and spellings is as follows:

Spelling Game(s) Explanation
BUGLEAR Bomberman '94 (JP) Unused text for an apparent boss selection debug feature. Unknown rationale; likely based on a misunderstanding of English.
Bagulaa Mega Bomberman (NA)[4] バグ (bagu) is transliterated. The chōonpu is romanized as a double "a" instead of the more common interpretation of a hard "r".
Super Bomberman 3 (PAL)[4] The official Japanese romanization is used once, and it is misspelled the second time within the same paragraph of text. Both spellings are featured again on the page listing the Normal Game stages and bosses.
Burglar Bomberman World (NA)[5]
Bomberman Fantasy Race (NA, PAL)[6][7]
A mistranslation, reading the name as the English word burglar. The actual spelling for "burglar" would be バーグラー (bāgurā). In the PAL localization of Bomberman World, "Buggler" is used instead.
Bagular Bomberman Hero (NA, PAL)
Bomberman Portable (NA)[8]
バグ (bagu) is transliterated. The "ra" (ラ) is transliterated as "la", and the chōonpu is applied as a hard "r". In the PAL localization of Bomberman Portable, "Buggler" is used instead.

In addition to these localizations, Buggler is sometimes identified as "Bagura" by fans of the series, taking a direct transliteration of how the name is pronounced in Japanese. This unofficial variant of the name may have been popularized by the unofficial Anime-Kraze fansub of the anime Bomberman Jetters

Classic Bomberman

Bomberman '94

Bomber Planet is a beautiful planet protected by five spirits. Buggler and his Robot Army arrive and destroyed the Spirit Pictures, the sources of the spirits' powers, breaking them into pieces and scattering the pieces. This disrupts the equilibrium of Bomber Planet and causes it to split into five pieces.[9] Bomberman travels the planet, reassembling the Spirit Pictures and thereby restoring balance to the world. However, at this moment, Buggler draws near on his spaceship, on a collision course with the planet.

Bomberman travels to the spaceship and makes his way to Buggler. After a long battle, Buggler is defeated. As the spaceship is destroyed, he is seen falling out of it.

This early version of Buggler has a different appearance than the one seen throughout most of the franchise. he has a more muted colour scheme, with a cape that drapes over his arms. He lacks a monocle and has visible fangs. Lastly, he wears a helmet that resembles White Bomber's head, with a blue visor that can flip down over his eyes.

For a more detailed description of Buggler's abilities in this game, please see the boss battle article.

This version of Buggler would not be seen again until Bomberman '08, the enhanced mobile port of Bomberman '94, and, most recently, as a Boss Puzzle in the mobile title PIXEL PUZZLE COLLECTION.

Super Bomberman 3

Buggler revives the Five Dastardly Bombers.

Super Bomberman 3 reintroduces the character as Professor Buggler (プロフェッサーバグラー purofessā bagurā). Named as the creator of the Five Dastardly Bombers, this mysterious person appears and retrieves the remains of his creations and revives them aboard his spaceship. He then sends them to steal and scatter the pieces of the Mother Computer Chips on five planets in Bomber Nebula as part of his plan to conquer the cosmos.[10] White and Black Bomber set out to combat the threat, restoring the chips and defeating the minions, forcing them to retreat.

Once all five planets have been secured, Buggler makes himself known and demonstrates the firing capabilities of his Buggler Ship before targeting the planets. White and Black Bomber board the ship and fight their way through to confront him. After a brief battle, Buggler, summons the Five Dastardly Bombers, and they combine into Gattaider, which he then pilots in a last bid against the heroes. Ultimately, the mech is destroyed, and with it, the rest of the spaceship. However, in the final moments, Buggler's brain manages to escape in a pod, drifting through space.

Super Bomberman 4

Buggler symbolically appears behind the Bomber Shitennou.

Now rebuilt as an electronic cyberbrain mecha, Buggler creates the Bomber Shitennou and Great Bomber, a Bomber assassination squad who exist for the sole purpose of eliminating White and Black Bomber. The Bomber Shitennou create a black hole that sucks in the Bomber Shuttle, scattering the heroes and their friends across time.[11] Additionally, by manipulating events in the past, he intends to create a new future of his own design.

White and Black Bomber make their way through each era, defeating each of the Bomber Shitennou and their weapons, and eventually find themselves in Hyperspace. After taking down Great Bomber, the duo face off against Buggler in his new Buggler Head form. In the end, he is defeated once more, sending the three of them hurtling through space-time.

Bomberman GB 3

While he does not make a direct appearance, Buggler is mentioned in the game's backstory. He is named as the creator of the game's antagonist, Devil Bomber. However, because Devil Bomber was too egotistical, Buggler grew angry with him, and sealed him within the depths of the planet Owan. The release of Devil Bomber from this seal is what spurs the events of the game.[12]

Neo Bomberman

Buggler and Atomic Bomber monitor the heroes.

Buggler captures the contestants of the World Bomberman Tournament, including Pretty Bomber, and keeps them in cages. White and Black Bomber manage to evade capture, and fight back against him, freeing each competitor. While Buggler monitors their progress, he activates Atomic Bomber, unbeknownst to the heroes.

White and Black Bomber confront Buggler at the end of World 4, where he guards the cage containing Pretty Bomber. First, he sends a wave of seven evil Bombermen to attack them. After his minions are destroyed, he summons Atomic Bomber and orders him to kill them. Atomic Bomber picks up Buggler and throws him out of the screen before initiating combat. Buggler is not seen again throughout the rest of the game.

Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

While Buggler does not make a formal appearance, he is an indirect influence. He is mentioned as the creator of the Five Dastardly Bombers and, in particular, the playable character Golem Bomber. He is also the idol of Bagulor, who wants to be him, but misheard his name as "Bagulor" instead of "Buggler".[13]

Bomberman World (PSX)

Hundreds of years after the events of Bomberman Wars, Buggler appears from somewhere else in space-time and breaks the seal of the Blue Crystals, releasing the Dark Force Bombers. He then upgrades them and commands them to attack and conquer four different planets.[14] Bomberman discovers this evil plot and defeats the Dark Force Bombers, sealing them away once again. Claiming to wield "dark power", Buggler faces Bomberman at his base on Black Star, but despite his efforts, he loses. Black Star appears to implode into a black hole.

Bomberman Wars

Hundreds of years before the events of Bomberman World, a character named Dark Bomber commands the Dark Force Bombers. In the end, when he is defeated, his armour rips away, revealing him to be very similar in appearance to Buggler. However, it is never directly confirmed that they are the same person. More information on this character may be found in the relevant article.

Bomberman Hero

Buggler's brain is being kept alive in a machine in Garaden Star. The Garaden Empire has four data discs which can be used to restore his body. However, during an attack on Primus Star, Princess Millian and Pibot steal one of the discs and attempt to escape, crash landing on Planet Bomber. While the princess is taken hostage, Pibot delivers the disc to Bomberman, temporarily suspending the enemy's plans.

Eventually, Natia manages to trick Bomberman into handing her all four discs by disguising herself as Princess Millian. She sends them to Garaden Star, where Nitros places them into the machine to recreate Buggler's body. There, he revives the Four Devils of Garaden and awaits Bomberman, preparing for his revenge.

Once Bomberman has defeated all of Buggler's minions, the two engage in battle, resulting in Buggler's body being destroyed again. Despite transferring to two other robotic forms, he is ultimately defeated. His final act is to detonate Garaden Star in an attempt to destroy Bomberman. Although his body has been destroyed, he continues to speak; it is unclear if or how he survived.

Bomberman Fantasy Race

The emperor of evil? 悪の帝王, aku no teiō[15], Professor Buggler, is a competitor in the Fantasy Race and a playable character. In the game's story, it is said that White and Black Bomber receive invitations to the race and, seeing Buggler's name on the list of competitors, rush out to participate in a hurry. Buggler's introduction again mentions that he is the creator of the Five Dastardly Bombers and that his goal is to conquer space. While the English localizations state that he intends to use the prize money to fund his evil plans, the original Japanese text speculates that he will use it to purchase space uniforms.[16][6] It is said that his abilities are unknown, but that he will likely use underhanded tricks to succeed.[15]

Bomberman Kart DX

Professor Buggler appears as the final boss of the Survival Bomberman game.

More information to come.

Bomberman Portable

Buggler and his mech army approach Bomberman's star system, brainwashing creatures on various planets and invading the galaxy.[3] He is first met as the boss of Spook World, where he tries and fails to destroy Bomberman on his own. Having escaped, he confronts Bomberman again as the boss of Mech World. Claiming to have "analyzed [Bomberman's] data", and believing that he knows the key to defeating his foe, he attacks while piloting Bigaron, but is bested yet again.

As the boss of Future World, Buggler pilots Skeleguard, and is defeated once more. At this point, he retreats to the Buggler Battleship, which Bomberman can only access after collecting the key in each of the previous worlds. In the end, Buggler pilots Bomber Robo in a last bid to stop Bomberman. Once the mech is destroyed, Bomberman leaves Buggler lying face down on the floor as the Buggler Battleship explodes.

Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden I/II

A character adapted from Buggler appears as a primary antagonist in the Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden I and Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden II manga and toylines. Please see the related article for details.

Bomberman Jetters

A character adapted from Buggler appears as a primary antagonist in the anime Bomberman Jetters. Please see the related article for details.

Super Bomberman R


SBR Buggler.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Affiliation(s): Five Dastardly Bombers
Voice Actor: EN: Michael Rhys
JP: Kōtarō Nakamura
(中村 浩太郎)
A promotional image shared on @officialbomberman on Facebook on March 1, 2017.

Buggler (バグラー, bagurā )[17] is the primary antagonist of Super Bomberman R.


The arch nemesis of the Bomberman Bros., and the evil mastermind behind recent events. Wickedly mighty and mightily wicked, Buggler is close enough to the physical embodiment of evil itself. Together with his faithful underlings, the Five Dastardly Bombers, he plans to destroy the entire universe.

He possesses characteristics from both organic and robotic life-forms, and is also able to upgrade his own body in order to gain additional power. For his final battle against the Bombermen, it seems he has a startling trick waiting up his sleeve...

~ Super Bomberman R Official Website[18]

At the onset of the game, Buggler manifests on Planet Scrapheap and revives the Five Dastardly Bombers with his dark powers. Brainwashing them with promises of revenge, he sends them to conquer the five planets of the Starry Sky Solar System. He then issues a transmission to all intelligent life-forms throughout the cosmos, announcing himself as the ruler of the universe and challenging any who defy him to come and fight his Dastardly Bombers at the planets he has already conquered. The Bomberman Brothers recieve this transmission and head out to stop him.

Once the Bomberman Brothers have defeated all Five Dastardly Bombers, on Planet Scrapheap, Plasma Bomber regains his memories. This prompts Buggler to arrive, zapping him until he loses consciousness, and taunting the siblings. Believing them to be small and weak, he tells them to meet him in outer space to settle things.

Buggler awaits the siblings at the Black Hole in the center of the Starry Sky Solar System. There, the Bomberman Brothers deduce that the plan for space conquest was only a distraction. Buggler's true intention was to turn the sun into an ever-growing black hole that could eventually swallow up the entire universe. He then summons the unconscious Five Dastardly Bombers and fuses them together into Great Gattaida, initiating combat. Once the mech has been destroyed, Buggler makes his last stand, transforming in to the massive Ultimate Buggler. However, the Dastardly Bombers are now freed from the brainwashing, and decide to help the Bomberman Brothers defeat Buggler by fusing into one giant Bomberman. As Buggler's body disintigrates, he makes a cryptic claim:

"It was the evil in the hearts of life-forms across the universe that created me... As long as that evil does not disappear... I shall always... always... return..."


Unused audio files hidden within the game indicate that Buggler was intended to be a playable character at some point in development. These clips include the clips that play when a player selects a character ("You're using me, eh?"), clips for Buggler being eliminated from play, victory lines, and a line saying "Dark Power", which mimics similar unused lines from other characters.


Boss List

The following is a list of separate articles for boss battles involving Buggler:


Some merchandise of Buggler was produced during the 1990's:

  • A keshi for Super Bomberman 3. A sticker and menko of Buggler were also produced, and packaged with keshi.
  • Bomberman B-Daman targets, in both figurine and flat stand-up forms.
  • The Super Bomberman 3 Gattaider set included an exclusive Buggler B-Daman figure.


  • As a name, "bagurā" is not unique to the Bomberman franchise, as it has been used in various other unrelated Japanese media. Amongst other examples, it is the name of foot soldiers in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters and, in an alternate spelling, as a Digimon named "baguramon".
  • An interview with a member of the staff for Super Bomberman 3 reveals that a very different backstory was once proposed for Buggler in the game. He was intended to be the younger brother of a character named Bomber Mother (ボンバーマザー bonbā mazā). Bomber Mother would have been the creator of Bomberman, who would be a copy of her human son. This would have effectively made Buggler Bomberman's uncle. This entire storyline was scrapped.[19]


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