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Hit Points: GB 2, Portable: 1
Story, Jetters: 2
Speed: GB 2: Slow
Story, Portable: Normal
Jetters: Slow/Fast
Pattern: GB 2: Whim
Story, Jetters: Player Search
Score: Portable: 400
Debut: Bomberman GB 2

Mummy (マミー, mamī) is an enemy that appears in multiple Bomberman games.[1][2]

Bomberman GB 2

GB2 Mummy.png

Mummy appears in the Pyramid Area. It moves slowly, turning randomly at obstacles. If Indy Bomber lines up with it on either side, but not behind it, and there are no obstacles between them, it will turn and begin moving toward him. It is invulnerable, but will pause and bounce in place for one second if it is blasted. It is destroyed when all Gems are eliminated from the area.

Bomberman Tournament

Story Mummy.png

Mummy appears in Golem Base in the Desert Zone. It moves at a normal pace, loosely navigating toward Bomberman. It has 2 HP, and deals 2 HP of base damage on collision.

Bomberman Jetters: The Legendary Bomberman


Known as Miiraboro (ミイラボロ, loosely "ragged mummy"), it appears in the Experiment Base on Tokotoko Star. It looks and behaves similarly to its Bomberman Tournament predecessor, but moves more slowly. After losing 1 HP, its wraps burn away to reveal a robot form, and it becomes very fast.[3] It has 2 HP, and deals 2 HP of base damage on collision.

Bomberman Portable

PSP Mummy.png

Mummy appears in Spook World. It appears to move randomly, often pausing on a square. It has 1 HP and yields 400 points upon defeat.


Mummy originally appeared in the earlier Hudson Soft game Neutopia II. In this game, it behaves similarly to its later Bomberman Tournament counterpart.


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