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Stepping on a tile to a Hidden Area.

Hidden Areas are special areas in Bomberman MAX that offer the chance for the player to win prizes.[1]

In certain areas, the clear condition is to step upon a special tile in order to enter a Hidden Area. Once the player character is standing on the tile, the game will instruct the player to point any device that is capable of emitting an infrared ray, such as a remote control, at the Game Boy Color's infrared sensor.[1] Upon doing so, the player will be taken to one of eight random Hidden Areas, depending on the infrared signal (for example, which button was pressed on a remote control could influence which area the player is taken to).[2]

There are two types of Hidden Areas in Bomberman MAX: Bonus Games and Minigames. Each group contains four Hidden Areas.

Bonus Games

Usual Bonus Game.

Bonus Games (ボーナスゲーム bōnasu gēmu) are special maps that are played by the standard rules of Bomberman MAX.[2] The player character is is granted invincibility for the duration of each of these games.

Usual Bonus Game

The Usual Bonus Game (いつものボーナスゲーム itsumono bōnasu gēmu) plays similarly to the original bonus game found in Bomberman for the NES. The player character is placed in the upper-left corner of a wide map, which resembles the setting of the aforementioned game. There are eight Balloms in the area, and no soft blocks. Each time a Ballom is destroyed, another will spawn randomly on the map. Every time the player destroys 20 Balloms, they will receive an extra life. The timer is set to one minute, so the player's objective is to gain as many extra lives as possible before the game ends.[2]

Warp Game

Warp Game.

The Warp Game (ワープゲーム wāpu gēmu) places the player character into a map that almost fits within a single screen. A number of items are scattered around, as well as warps. The warps connect to one another in distinct patterns. The layout of the map, the warps, and the items is fixed, so players can memorize the best route.[2] The timer is set to one minute, and the game will end if the timer reaches zero or if the player manages to collect all of the items. The items included in this game are as follows:

Due to the nature of the gameplay, it is actually possible to move around corners of walls without triggering a warp trap that is placed in an intersection on the grid. In this manner, a player can more easily navigate the map and collect all of the items within the time limit.

Slot Game

Slot Game.

The Slot Game (スロットゲーム surotto gēmu) places the player character into a single-screen map with a Slot trap. When any of the three switches is hit by an explosion, the slots will begin to spin. Within a few seconds, one-by-one, each slot will stop on an item. If all three slots match, the player will receive the designated item.[2] By timing bomb placements, a player can spin the slots more times within the time limit.

The following items, in this order, are attainable through the slot:

Kick Game

Kick Game.

The Kick Game (キックゲーム kikku gēmu) takes place in a map with a winding path filled with Geta items and Arrow traps. Scattered throughout are two 1UPs, and at the beginning of the path, before the player character, is a single Bomb Kick. The player is meant to kick bombs with precise timing in order to clear out the Geta panels without destroying the 1UP panels in the process. The intent is that the player cannot collect all of the 1UPs by simply walking through the Getas, because the player will lose too much speed.[2] However, it is possible to simply walk through the map and pick up both of the 1UP panels without issue. The game only ends when the 30-second timer runs out.


Minigames (ミニゲーム minigēmu) are played by unique rules.[2]

Match Game

Match Game.

The Match Game (めくってポン mekkutepon, roughly flip over, slap) words like the classic concentration card game. 18 panels are presented. The player must use the directional pad to choose one panel, then press the A button to select it, flipping the panel over to reveal an item, and do the same to select a second panel. If the two panels match, the player receives the item on the cards, and the panels stay flipped over. Otherwise, the panels flip back over, and an "X" is highlighted at the bottom of the field. If the player guesses incorrectly three times, or if all items are obtained, the game is over.[2] If all items are obtained, the player will receive a 1UP.

The following items are known to appear in this game:

Silhouette Quiz

Silhouette Quiz.

In the Silhouette Quiz (シルエットクイズ shiruetto kuizu), a curtain is presented, with an item box displayed on either side of the stage. The names of three Charaboms are displayed in a navigable menu in the lower area of the screen. The items shuffle before landing on a specific item, at which point the curtain opens to reveal the silhouette of a Charabom. The player then has five seconds to select the correct name of the Charabom. If the player chooses correctly, they will receive the displayed item.[2] The curtain then closes, the names in the menu change, and the process repeats. There are six Charaboms on the quiz.

Flag Game

Flag Game.

In the Flag Game (旗揚げ hata age, flag raising game), both Bomberman and MAX appear on the screen, holding red and white flags. An item is shuffled in the bottom of the screen, and a series of button presses is displayed in the middle. Two out of the three buttons will highlight - one direction, and either the A or B button. The player must press the two highlighted buttons as quickly as possible in order to beat their rival and obtain the displayed item.[2] There are three cycles before the game ends.

By Chance Game

By Chance Game.
Shardra is rescued.

The By Chance Game (あみだ amida, Ghost Leg Lottery) places the player character on a series of four pathways that interconnect at various points. The player begins by choosing one of the four starting paths with the directional pad. When the player presses a directional button, the character moves and stops at the next intersection point. Once the player moves downward, they can only move to the side or downward; if the player moves to the side, the character will automatically move downward upon reaching the next point. At the end of the four paths are four prizes, three of which are items, and one of which is one of two secret Charaboms. The two Charaboms exclusive to this Minigame are Shardra and Ox Battra.[2]


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