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15 selectable Bomberman Brothers.

Green Bomber (きいろボン, midoribon)🕪 is an alternate palette of Bomberman. He is typically the palette used for the fifth player in the Battle Game. He sometimes appears as a distinct character.

Green Bomber appears as the default character for player five in every Bomberman game that allows up to five players in the Battle Game and which utilizes character palettes. He also appears as a selectable palette in Super Bomberman 2.[1]

Classic Bomberman

Bomberman (PCE)

Green Bomberman (グリーン, green)[2] originally appears in Bomberman for the PC-Engine. He is one of fake Bombermen (偽ボンバーマン, nise bonbāman) who follows Black Bomberman, and is faced as a boss character in the final battle. Though he cannot place bombs, he has two HP, and can periodically enter a flame form, firing off one or two fireballs in random directions. In his flame form, he is invulnerable to attacks, and any bombs he or his fireballs touch are detonated.[3] He wanders randomly, but when White Bomberman lines up with him, he may decide to chase after him, increasing his speed for a time.

He also appears as a playable character for the first time.

Bomberman '93

Green Bomberman appears in the first phase of the final boss, riding a green bike alongside the other three fake Bombermen. He has two HP.[3] He wanders randomly, but may speed up in a straight line if Bomberman crosses his path. He can also randomly place land mines (地雷, jirai) on the field. If Bomberman touches a mine, it will instantly explode with 1 firepower. Mines can be safely removed with explosions.

Super Bomberman 4

In Super Bomberman 4, Green Bomber acts as an Assistance Bomber. He is found trapped within a cage in Area 1-6 of the Primeval Era.

B-Daman Bakugaiden

Midoribon is a main character in the B-Daman Bakugaiden anime series. Please see the main article on Midoribon for details.

Bomberman: Bakufuu Sentai Bombermen


Green Bomber (グリーンボンバー, gurīn bonbā) is part of a team of five Bombermen. Stripped of his power and transformed into a voxel Bomberman, he must fight back against the evil Waruwaru-dan, return to his original form, and destroy the enemy once and for all. In the Arrange Mode, his special skill is the Bomb Kick (press the triangle button to kick), and his special bomb is the Green Bomb, a lightning bomb with an explosion that lingers for a ilttle while. He is 204cm tall and weighs 47kg.[4]

Bomberman Land


In the Bomberman Land series, Green Bomber (きいろボン, midoribon) is a member of Team Gold, answering to Gold Bomber. He is the "military advisor" of Team Gold and an intelligent child, but he is also a bit of an airhead.[5][6] He is also described as carefree and respectful.[7]

Green Bomber is known as Bookworm Green in the English localizations of the Bomberman Land games.[8] This name does not exist in the Japanese versions.

Super Bomberman R


SBR Green.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Bomberman The Medal
Super Bomberman R Online
Voice Actor: EN: Sachiko Hara
JP: Ayumu Murase
Character Type: Bomber Type

In Super Bomberman R, Green (緑ボン, midoribon)[9] is a member of the Bomberman Brothers, one of eight protagonists.


The youngest of the eight Bomberman Bros.

Green is everyone's favorite little bro. He's so cute that everything he does makes the others want to hug and protect him - and none of them are ever able to turn down a request from him, either.

However, this apparent cuteness is not entirely genuine, and behind Green's innocent smile there appears to lurk a ruthlessly calculating and sometimes mean side. Could it be that the others are all being manipulated by Green without even realizing it...?

~ Super Bomberman R Official Website[10]
The youngest of all the 8 Bomberman Bros. This sweet little guy is everybody's favorite li'l Bomber Bro. Even down to the way he moves, Green is a real cutie-patootie, earning him the love and affection of everyone he meets. However, this is all a carefully crafted charade stemming from the depths of his black heart. None of his more straightforward siblings have caught on to his deception though, and continue to find themselves catering to his wishes day-after-day.
- Super Bomberman R Online in-game text

Green makes his debut in the first cutscene. He is seen playing with a toy car before trying and failing to manipulate his eldest brother, White, into giving him money for a burger by claiming it will help him grow stronger. When White brings him along in the shuttle to embark on a mission against Buggler, though, he complains that he is scared.

On Planet Timbertree, he bids White good luck, trying to avoid the action, and expresses frustration when White tells him that they're all coming along.

On Planet Brainwave, he is frightened by the fact that the whole population has been put to sleep within the planet's cyber network. However, after Phantom Bomber has been bested in battle, as the collapse of the cyber network threatens to destroy him and his sibilings, he is able to manipulate Blue into waking up long enough to disable Phantom Bomber's electronic lock and allow them all to escape. As with his earlier manipulation of White, he lies, telling Blue that White was planning on buying him a luxury pillow and earplugs for sleeping.

After Buggler's defeat, he is seen playing with Aqua instead of training.


A promotional image shared on @officialbomberman on Facebook on February 16, 2017.

In Super Bomberman R, Green has a set of default stats for Grand Prix Mode, but he can also be equipped with the memory cartridge of any other playable character, which will alter his stats to the stats of the selected character.

Shiny Green

In the Shiny Edition of the PS4, Steam, and Xbox One versions of Super Bomberman R, available only via preorder, an alternate skin of this character, known as Shiny Green (キラキラ緑ボン, kirakira midoribon? "Kirakira" is an onomatopoeia for glittering) is available. Once the included promotion code has been redeemed, he will be available at no Gem cost. He is functionally identical to the standard Green.



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