Golem Ghost

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Golem Ghost

Golem Ghost.png

Game: Bomberman Tournament
HP: 11

Golem Ghost (ゴーレムゴースト, gōremugōsuto) is the boss of Golem Base in Bomberman Tournament. When Golem Bomber fuses with Sea Wing, he transforms into this entity.[1]


Golem Ghost moves slowly, constantly issuing fireballs at Bomberman. A fireball can move in one of 16 directions in a straight line, passing over all obstacles. A fireball deals 2 HP of base damage on collision. Golem Ghost himself causes no collision damage. The boss is vulnerable while moving.[1]


Golem Ghost manipulates four Zombies to attack.

When the field is empty, Golem Ghost will pause and raise a barrier around himself, becoming invulnerable. Four Zombies (ゾンビ, zonbi) will rise up from random positions. Zombies move slowly and aimlessly, dealing 2 HP of base damage on collision. If a Zombie is hit by a blast, it will become a Misobon.[1] In Misobon form, The Zombie remains on the left or right side of the screen, and can toss one bomb at a time as far as five squares inward (it cannot hit the middle three columns). Its bombs have a firepower of 3.

If all four Zombies have become Misobons, Golem Ghost will raise a barrier around himself and recall the four enemy characters back to the ground. He will then raise them all up again, repeating the pattern. However, he will never do this if even one Zombie has not become a Misobon.[1]

On Damage

When Golem Ghost is hit by a blast, he will raise a barrier around himself and fire electricity from his hands. The electricity hits any Zombie on the field, causing it to explode with maximum firepower. Each hit Zombie is cleared from the field, but is not turned into a Misobon. Instead, Golem Ghost will raise another barrier and summon each detonated Zombie once again.[1]

Recommended Strategies

Official recommended strategies are as follows:[1]

  • Equip Fire Kong, Tough Guy, or Pommy Knuckle to attack Golem Ghost.
  • Bombs sent to Golem Ghost while his barrier is up can be timed to hit him as soon as it is lowered.
  • Use the center column of the field as a safe zone from Misobons.
  • Leave one Zombie on the field at all times to prevent Golem Ghost from summoning them all back again.


In the English localization of Bomberman Tournament, Golem Ghost's name is rendered as GolemGhost.


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