Ghost Bomber

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Ghost Bomber

Ghost Bomber.png

Debut: Bomberman Hero

Ghost Bomber (ゴーストボンバー, gōsuto bonbā)[1] is an enemy that appears exclusively behind the large mirror in the Mirror Room of Mazone Star's Mazone Dome in Bomberman Hero. It seems to be a Bomberman ghost, though it is much larger than Bomberman himself. When Bomberman draws near, it will appear, floating in one specific location. It rotates to face Bomberman and continuously throws purple bombs at him.[2] Ghost Bomber's bombs can be blocked and detonated if hit with one of Bomberman's bombs.

Ghost Bomber itself is invincible.[2] Bombs detonate against it on impact, but deal no damage. It will also harm Bomberman on collision. It disappears again when Bomberman leaves its range.


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