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Story Gargoyle.png

Hit Points: 1
Quest: 5
Speed: Normal
Score: Portable: 800
Debut: Bomberman Quest

Gargoyle (ガーゴイル, gāgoiru)[1] is an enemy that appears in multiple Bomberman games.

Bomberman Quest

Gargoyle appears in Map 5-F in the Beach Zone. It wanders aimlessly, often stopping to perform a rush attack.[1] When attacking, it first hops into the air, then performs a headbutt rush in a straight line in whichever direction it is facing. If it collides with a bomb, it will kick it, but it if collides with a wall, it will be momentarily shaken.

The recommended strategy is to stun it by throwing bombs with the Power Glove. Gargoyle has 5 HP and yields the Helmet upon defeat.[1]


Questmug Gargoyle.png If I win, I get to eat you! Are you sure you still want to fight me?
Questmug Bomberman.png Sure--but I'm warning you: I don't taste good!
Questmug Gargoyle.png おれ かったら おまえ くう

それで しょうぶ いいか?

I can eat you if I win this match, okay?
Questmug Bomberman.png えー!ぼくなんかたべてそ


Alright! You can try, but I'm not tasty!

Bomberman Tournament

Gargoyle appears in Plasma Base in the Snow Zone.[2] It wanders randomly, flying while carrying a spear. While moving, it is invulnerable, and Bomberman can pass beneath it. Periodically, it will pause and thrust its spear downward, during which time it becomes vulnerable and dangerous. It deals 1.5 HP of base damage on contact and has 1 HP.

Bomberman Portable

Gargoyle appears in Spook World. It moves quickly and aimlessly, often pausing on squares. If it encounters a bomb, it will fly up into the air, avoiding its blast. After landing, it will remain stationary for a while, during which time it is easier to hit. It has 1 HP and yields 800 points on defeat.


Gargoyle originally appeared in the earlier Hudson Soft game Neutopia II. It has a similar appearance to its Bomberman Tournament counterpart.


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