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Hit Points: 1
Speed: Fast
Pattern: Whim
Score: Super 3: 800
World: 200
Portable: 400
Debut: Super Bomberman 3

Farah (ファラー, farā) is a Egyptian-style pharaoh-like enemy that first appeared in Super Bomberman 3.[1][2]

Super Bomberman 3

Farah moves quickly, turning or reversing at random. Periodically, without pause, it will begin to breathe fire. The fire passes over all obstacles and extends out to 3 squares. It is dangerous to the Bombermen, and also detonates bombs on impact. It has 1 HP and yields 800 points on defeat.[3]

Bomberman World (PSX)

Farah wanders slowly and randomly. If Bomberman lines up with Farah within 4 squares of it, it will pause briefly before issuing a 4-square-long stream of flames. The flames pass over everything, including bombs (bombs are not detonated by the flames).[4] There is a cooldown of about 3 seconds before Farah can use this ability again. It has 1 HP and yields 200 points on defeat.

Bomberman Tournament

Farah appears in the Desert Zone. It wanders aimlessly, occasionally stopping to begin breathing fire in a straight line. While breathing fire, it resumes its normal movement pattern.[5] When it turns or reverses directions, the fire rotates to adjust to its new direction; however, it will not harm Bomberman if it passes through him while rotating. Both Farah and its fire deal 2 HP of base damage on contact. Farah has 1 HP.

Bomberman Portable

Farah appears in the Desert World. It appears to just move randomly, often pausing on squares and turning or reversing directions. Unlike other incarnations, it has no flame attack. It has 1 HP and yield 400 points on defeat.


  • In the Super Bomberman 3 guidebook, Farah is referred to as a "flame kaijin" (火炎怪人, kaien kaijin).[3] "Kaijin" means "mysterious person", often referring to a supernatural entity.
  • Although three guidebooks claim that Farah's flames only extend out to two squares in Super Bomberman 3,[3][1][6] the flames are still dangerous as they die out on the third square.
  • In the U.S. instruction booklet for Bomberman Tournament, this enemy character is named "Faroh".[7]
  • Farah originally appeared in the earlier Hudson Soft game Neutopia II. It most closely resembles its Bomberman Tournament counterpart.


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