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Hit Points: 1
Speed: Normal
Pattern: Whim
Score: 400
Debut: Super Bomberman 4

Doronpa (ドロンパ, doronpa) is a ghost-like enemy that first appeared in Super Bomberman 4.[1]

Super Bomberman 4

Doronpa appears in the first two areas of Super Future. It moves at an ordinary pace, pausing and turning if it collides with a wall, bomb, or other enemy character. If it lines up with a player character, and there are no obstacles between them, it will pause before turning to move toward that character. Periodically, it will pause and raise its arms before warping to a random empty square on the map. It will also immediately warp if it finds itself trapped on a single square. While warping, it is invulnerable, and player characters are invulnerable to it. It can pass over Signal Floors regardless of what state they are in, and can detect players through them as well.

Super Bomberman 5

Doronpa appears in ZONE 4, retaining its basic behaviour from the previous game.[2] However, it cannot pass through Signal Floors or detect players through them unless they are in the blue state. It also cannot warp unless it is able to move onto another square, and it makes no sound to signal its warping.

Bomberman Portable

Doronpa appears in Spook World. It moves slowly, often pausing on squares. It will often fade away and reappear at another empty square. While warping, it is invulnerable, and Bomberman is invulnerable to it.


"Doronpa" is a Japanese onomatopoeia which can be used for ghosts, derived from "doron", a Japanese word meaning "escaping".



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