Count Komori

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Count Komori

Count Komori.png

Game: Bomberman '94
HP: 8

Count Komori (コウモリ伯爵, koumori hakushaku) is the boss of Kurakura Castle in Bomberman '94.[1]


Count Komori moves by flying in straight lines. When he begins to move or stops moving, he will pause to raise from or lower to the ground. While flying, he cannot be hit by explosions, and he will not harm Bomberman. Once he lands, he may trigger one of three abilities.[1]


Count Komori flaps his wings quickly, causing Bomberman to slowly slide away from him.[1] Bombs are not affected by this ability.

Small Bats

Count Komori transforms into four Komori enemy characters. Three of the Komori are fake duplicates, which will disappear when blasted. The fourth is the real Count Komori, indicated by his angry expression.[1] When blasted, any remaining fake Komori will disappear, and the boss will revert to his large form.


Count Komori holds one or both wings in front of himself, then swings it, issuing a beam attack.[1] If only one wing is used, three bat-shaped beams are emitted on that side of his body in a spread shot - one moving straight down and the other two moving in straight angles approaching 45 degrees. If both wings are used, six beams are fired. Only the very center of a beam is dangerous, allowing Bomberman to dodge between them.

Recommended Strategy

The official recommended strategy is to only attack Count Komori during one of his first two abilities, and to focus on dodging when he issues his beam attack.[1]


  • Komori, or koumori, means "bat" in Japanese.
  • The English name "Count Komori" comes from unused debug text within the game, which lists the boss as "KOMORI_COUNT".


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