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Bomberman Brothers is a title given to various groups of characters in the Bomberman series.

Irem Continuity

In the arcade titles Bomberman and Bomberman World, developed by Irem, the Bomberman Brothers are competitors in the robot fighting competitions held in the year 2091. There are four of them, each numbered: white is #1 (known simply as "Bomberman"), red is "Bomberman 2", blue is "Bomberman 3", and yellow is "Bomberman 4". Whenever King Bomber goes rogue, the brothers band together to stop his machinations. In both the normal and Vs. modes of the games, each Bomberman is assigned to his respective player by number.

Super Bomberman 2

15 selectable Bomberman Brothers.

In the Battle Game, the Bomberman Brothers (ボンバーマンブラザーズ, bonbāman burazāzu) are a set of 15 coloured Bombermen. By using the select button during player setup, each player can cycle through the different palettes.[1] No two players can use the same character. Each character's bombs and bomb blasts match their main colour.

Super Bomberman R

The Bomberman Brothers or Bomberman Bros. (ボンバーマン八兄弟, bonbāman hachi kyoudai, Eight Bomberman Siblings) are a set of young robotic lifeforms who live on Planet Bomber. They were created to protect the universe, but only White displays any interest in this task. They live at the top of a tower, in which they sometimes train, and also own a Rocket, which they can use to patrol space.

One day, while White is attempting to goad his siblings into training, they receive a transmission from Buggler, who has conquered the Starry Sky Solar System, and challenges anyone who wishes to rebel to combat his Five Dastardly Bombers. Despite this dire situation, the Bomberman Brothers go back to what they were doing. White must force them to come with him and stop Buggler.


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