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Professor Buggler

Professor Buggler.png

Game: Super Bomberman 3
HP: 4
Speed: Fast
Pattern: Whim
Score: 9000

Professor Buggler (プロフェッサーバグラー purofessā bagurā) is the penultimate boss of Super Bomberman 3, who is faced at the end of Stage 6, Buggler Ship.


Professor Buggler moves quickly and aimlessly. If he lines up with a player character, he will turn toward them. This is the only phase during which he can be damaged with a bomb blast.

Barrier & Bouncing Bombs

Periodically, Buggler will stop moving and raise a barrier (バリア, baria).[1] The barrier takes up a 3x3 square area, deals collision damage, and detonates any bombs that are in its range when it spawns. The boss then issues four Bouncing Bombs, one in each cardinal direction. Each bomb explodes with maximum firepower. Once all four bombs have been destroyed or otherwise eliminated from the play field, the barrier will lower, and Buggler will resume his normal movement pattern.


When Buggler takes damage, he will rise up into the air and move quickly in a straight line, placing a Megadon every two squares. Because he is floating high, Buggler cannot be hit by blasts during this time.[1] He remains up high and invulnerable until after he issues the next barrier attack.


It is recommended that the player have Bomb Up and Fire Up stats of 3 to 4. The Bomb Kick and Remote Control are also helpful. For a basic strategy, after Buggler has had his barrier up for a certain amount of time, if a bomb is placed beside him with just the right timing, it should explode and deal damage at a moment after the barrier has disappeared, but before he has moved out of range.


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