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The first page of the Bomber Pass.
"When you play a Quick Match, your Bomber Pass advances and you will receive many new items." - In-game text, Super Bomberman R Online

The Bomber Pass is a rank system in Super Bomberman R Online. By completing Quick Matches (which play under the rules of the Battle 64 mode), the player can gain EXP, which counts toward their Level. As their Level increases, they will be rewarded with stars. Players can also gain stars by completing daily Challenges. For more information on the scoring system, please see the main article on the game.

It takes ten stars to advance one rank. Every even-numbered rank grants rewards in the form of customization items. There are 100 Ranks in total.

List of Rewards

Rank Reward Type Reward(s)
2 Outfit Picnic
4 Entry/Victory Pose Kick Performance
The Clown
6 Music 002 Silent Hill
8 Accessories Kohaku Carp
Shiro Utsuri Carp
10 Speech Bubble "Ah..."
"On it."
"Look what I found."
12 Player Icon Nine Grid
14 Taunt Train Dance
Spin on the Spot
16 Profile Panel NEW BOMBER
The infamous newbie
18 Bomb Skin Pencil
20 Speech Bubble "Good evening"
22 Taunt Oops-a-daisy!
24 Speech Bubble "Kiss"
"Don't mess with me!"
26 Profile Panel Daredevil
Friend to Bombs
28 Outfit Satellite
30 Player Icon Rubber Bomb
32 Speech Bubble "Nice work"
34 Music 003 TWINKLING
36 Bomb Skin La Vie en rose
38 Player Icon Vortex
40 Entry/Victory Pose Smile, you're on camera!
42 Accessories Asagi Carp
Ginrin-Chagoi Carp
44 Player Icon Power Glove
46 Speech Bubble "Not going great..."
"They're tough..."
48 Taunt Bravo!
Shadow Boxing
50 Player Icon Pierce Bomb
52 Entry/Victory Pose To battle!
Victory Declaration
54 Speech Bubble "Watch and learn"
"Be careful"
"Look out! Outta the way!"
56 Profilie Panel Pacifist
58 Bomb Skin Ornate
60 Accessories Tancho Carp
Heisei-Nishiki Carp
62 Entry/Victory Pose Pre-game Greetings
Noble Manner
64 Speech Bubble "Nice!"
"I found one"
"Too slow"
66 Profile Panel One-on-one
Keep On Bombing
68 Taunt Warm-Up
70 Speech Bubble "Good night"
"Couldn't be helped"
"I messed up!"
72 Profile Panel Reserve Forces
74 Player Icon Mug
76 Bomb Skin Popcorn
78 Speech Bubble "Keep calm and deal with it"
"Maybe I'm in a slump"
"No way!"
80 Accessories Platinum Carp
Gold Carp
82 Player Icon Bomb Punch
Bomb Kick
84 Entry/Victory Pose Hip Dance
Sweet Victory
86 Music 004 Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
88 Outfit Top Gun
90 Profile Panel In it for fun
Bombs before flowers
92 Speech Bubble "Our goal: Destroy them all!"
"Thought you'd seen the last of me?"
"The magic words for victory are "rock, rock, scissors, paper"."
94 Taunt Bring it on!
96 Profile Panel Pudding à la Mode
98 Taunt Throw a Kiss
100 Outfit Rock 'n Roll