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Hit Points: 1
Speed: Fast
Pattern: Ignorance
Score: 200
Debut: Bomberman '94

Bo-Bo (ボーボ,[1] bōbo, or ぼーぼー,[2] bōbō) is a burning wheel enemy that appears in some Bomberman games. It moves quickly, turning randomly when it collides with an obstacle.[1] Because of its speed, it is recommended to keep it in a confined area and defeat it before it can escape.[3]

In Bomberman '94, it appears on Achiachi Mountain.

In Super Bomberman 3, it appears on Achiachi Star.



  • "Bō" is a Japanese onomatopoeia for something burning.
  • Bo-Bo is derived from the wanyūdō, a traditional Japanese yōkai. The wanyūdō is said to be a corrupt monk or daimyō who, in death, takes the form of a head embedded in a burning wooden wheel.


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