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SBR Aqua.png

Gender: Female
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Voice Actor: EN: Hannah Grace
JP: Minami Takahashi
This article is about the Super Bomberman R character. For the Bomberman Wars/World character, see Aqua Bomber. For the Bomberman Land character, see Acrobat Aqua.

Aqua (水ボン, mizubon)[1] is a member of the Bomberman Brothers, one of eight protagonists in Super Bomberman R.


The little sis of the group, and the second youngest of all the Bomberman Bros.

Aqua is a kind, polite, and gentle young girl, and a devoted pacifist who despises violence of all kinds. Her one true wish is that both her friends and enemies alike will put down their arms and stop fighting...but unfortunately, her timid personality means that she's never really able to speak up and say what she thinks.

However, that's when Aqua ISN'T in a bad mood. If anything ever causes her to lose her temper, she suddenly becomes more fearsome than any of her siblings, transforming into a wild berserker who battles violence with violence.

~ Super Bomberman R Official Website[2]

When the Bomberman Brothers receive Buggler's transmission at the onset of the game, Aqua is hesitant to join her siblings, insisting upon her non-violent stance. At Planet Technopolis, she expresses concern over Red's aggressive behaviour. After Magnet Bomber's defeat, when he and Red continue to fight, she attempts to stop them and find a peaceful resolution. In response, Magnet Bomber punches her in the face, which causes her to enter a rage, knocking both of them far away in a single blow. Her siblings treat this as a normal occurrence.

Aqua makes two more notable appearances during the Story Mode. She next appears on Planet Lalaland, where Pink reminds her that their scrapped eldest sister loved the amusement park. She appears to know about her sister, despite having never met her. Later, on Planet Scrapheap, she asks her siblings about the graveyard planet, of which none of them seem to have any knowledge.

At the end of the seventh world, Aqua is seen squabbling over Ballom-chan with her sibilngs, despite her nonviolent nature.

In the opening for Grand Prix Mode, she is reluctant to join White in his training for the competition, but only minutes later, she fights over the Vampire Killer memory cartridge, hoping to try it out for herself.


A promotional image shared on @officialbomberman on Facebook on February 28, 2017.

Aqua has a set of default stats for Grand Prix Mode, but she can also be equipped with the memory cartridge of any other playable character, which will alter her stats to the stats of the selected character.



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